International Collaborative Arts Program

In Fall 2012 I began working with my long-time collaborator Lee Montgomery, a professor of art at University of New Mexico. With funding from UNM and CEC Artslink, we interviewed and recruited an international artist (Denis Kolokol) to come to the United States and work with students from UNM and UCSD on a specific project. The students from UNM connected with my students involved with the SESMI project (described above) and began collaborating across the desert.

In June 2013, these UNM students, Montgomery and Kolokol all visited UCSD for a week where they developed media collaborations at the Experimental Media Lab in Visual Arts and ultimately presented their works at Calit2 on June 13, 2013. During this time, an important discover was made by students from UNM, Kolokol, and mysefl, based on LIDAR data collected from our UCSD students. Working together, we discovered a process by which we could splice LIDAR data from one set into another, creating wildly abstract and beautiful point-cloud immersive 3D objects & spaces.

Collaborative projects like this one, across institutions and across disciplines, are critical for the kind of cutting-edge discovery artists rely on every day to inspire their work. I am very proud that my students h!ad the opportunity to learn from DOING this work.

A catalog of this collaborative work was published by the Qualcomm Institute in December 2013 and is available here to download or read [as PDF].