Tell Them Everything / Remember Us is the name of a sprawling media suite consisting of works for 4K digital cinema, immersive 3D NextCAVE works, ultra-high-resolution visualizations, and sound-designs driven by interactive data. Some of this work was designed specifically for the massive high-resolution display wall in the Visualization Room (VROOM) at the Qualcomm Institute. For this space, we designed specific photos, scans, illustrations, and HD videos to arrange in a matrix (two actually).

HD video derived from the same miniature house set as the 4K T2ERU film "Falling Asleep." - this film, in black & white, provides a different texture and dyanmic-range than the 4K film, and was designed for integration with the VROOM display.


On February 20th, 2014, Michael Trigilio presented all of the T2ERU work, including the material on the giant display in the VROOM space. (The video below was made during this presentation, sponsored by the IDEAS performance series.)</p>





To generate and display this material, lead artist for T2ERU Michael Trigilio has been working with Qualcom Institute collaborators Trish Stone, Cathy Hughes, and Joe Keefe, as well as a group of motivated and visionary students from UCSD's Visual Arts Department.