Another "bleeding-edge" technology SESMI has been utilizing in its work is the CAVEcam, a tool developed at the Qualcomm Institute to generate ultra-high-resolution stereographic panoramas. The Tell Them Everything/ Remember Us artworks evolved into works for Virtual Reality, utilizing the NextCAVE and StarCAVE - VR envrionments at the Qualcomm Institute.

Using the CAVEcam, developed by Tom DeFanti and Dan Sandin's research teams at Calit2, we have been staging multiple series of panoramic photographs for manipulation and presentaiton in the NexCAVE virtual reality environment. In 2013 Michael Trigilio andCalit2's Trish Stone worked with students from UC San Diego and later visitors from University of New Mexico to develop ideas and determine sites best suited for these stereographic 360-degree automated portraits. Stone then assembles these hundreds of high-resolution photos into a polished spherical stitch for playback in the NexCAVE virtual-reality environment.

(Trish Stone, artist from Qualcomm Institute collaborating with T2ERU student Adriana Feketeova to create stereoscopic panoramas with the CAVEcam)

These LIDAR scans appear as stereographic monochomatic point-cloud panoramas; to the casual eye (or eyes, rather, due to the stereography), the scans appear as pointillist sketches of performers in an environment. In the NextCAVE, the user can navigate around, through, and within these scans, passing through walls and bodies to reveal each surface as an ephemeral, permeable "cloud" that from some angles is photorealistic and from others is surreal, distorted, uncanny.

Stereographic panorama by Trish Stone in collaboration with UCSD students Adriana Feketeova and Angela Colgan

Stereographic panorama by Michael Trigilio & Trish Stone in collaboration with UCSD student Adriana Feketeova



Panorama VR set designe in collaboration with students Heidi Kuan and Duy Nguyen, captured and processed by Trish Stone

Panorama's designed in collaboration with students Heidi Kuan and Duy Nguyen, capture and processed by Trish Stone