Tell Them Everything / Remember Us is the name of a sprawling media suite consisting of works for 4K digital cinema, immersive 3D NextCAVE works, ultra-high-resolution visualizations, and sound-designs driven by interactive data.

IDEAS Festival on Ferbruary 20th, 2014 (Qualcomm Institute)


Filmatic Festival, 2014 (UC San Diego)



12128 Residency, August 2014 (Portalnd, OR)

In August 2014, Michael Trigilio was invited to spend a week aboard the LABRADOR - a WWII vessel that has been converted into an art-gallery and project space by the 12128 Residency Program in Portland Oregon. During this time, we made multiple 3D scans of the ship's innerds, as well as prepared 3D visualizations & videos for the guests attending our exhibition at the end of the week. More material from this project will be posted at Trigilio's .



Cypress College, March 2013 (Cypress, CA)

Students worked with Michael Trigilio to develop "memory gestures," physical poses that could be scanned and photographed for visualization in 3D / VR environments.