Tell Them Everything / Remember Us is the name of a sprawling media suite consisting of works for 4K digital cinema, immersive 3D NextCAVE works, ultra-high-resolution visualizations, and sound-designs driven by interactive data.

From January 2013 to May 2014, we were lucky enough to find some incredibly talented and inspired artists from UC San Diego's Visaul Arts program.
Kayla Batom | Angela Colgan | Heidi Kuan | Adriana Feketeova | Duy Nguyen | Christopher Nguyen | Rhiann Suen

Heidi Kuan (left) and Duy Nguyen



Joel Polizzi (left), Angela Colgan, Adriana Feketeova, and Trish Stone (far right)



The T2ERU project evolved into a narrative project called MEMORY EXILE, a comic-book project which tells the story of people who "consume" the memories preserved for thousands of years. Student artist Kayla Batom illustrated the first issue of the comic book in Spring of 2014.

cover art and all illustration by student Kayla Batom