Tell Them Everything / Remember Us is the name of a sprawling media suite consisting of works for 4K digital cinema, immersive 3D NextCAVE works, ultra-high-resolution visualizations, and sound-designs driven by interactive data. All of these works orbit the central theme of "memory" as a critical resource to be better understood in the distant future. What is worth remembering about our current lived experience 4,000 years from now? How would we explain ourselves to an unknown intelligence, species, or dimensional entity in an unknown millennial future? The works in T2ERU oscillate between the poignant and the satirical, driven by the curiosities of our daily life as they could be understood in future speculative eras.

T2ERU is working with bleeding edge technologies and ideation techniques to speculate on the future of visualization and memory. T2ERU predicts a post-post-apocalypse wherein memory is quaint, out-of-touch, even counter-cultural. This project seeks to locate the notion of memory as being pregnant with counter-cultural, even revolutionary value. T2ERU is the first SESMI project and unless otherwise indicated, all works on this site have been made for the T2ERU suite.

Many of the specific assets being made for the T2ERU project are utilizing virtual-reality technologies, namely the CAVE environments developed at Calit2, to generate these VR worlds exploring the fragility of memory (sometimes articulated as "Instructions for the Future" akin to ideas of Sagan and artist Jon Lomberg). In addition to 360-degree custom built stereo-photographic panorama instruments, we have been working with LIDAR scanners to generate immersive 3D point-cloud environments of specific sites. These 3D LIDAR scans and the CAVEcam panoramas respectively represent virtual environments which vacillate from the hyper-real to the barely perceptible.

To generate and display this material, lead artist for T2ERU Michael Trigilio has been working with Qualcom Institute collaborators Trish Stone, Cathy Hughes, and Joe Keefe, as well as a group of motivated and visionary students from UCSD's Visual Arts Department.